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Laura Trott And Wiggle Honda Dominate Another Manchester Revolution

Ben Atkins : November 23, 2014 9:18 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s riders dominated proceedings in last night’s second round of the 2014/15 Revolution Series, at the National Cycling Centre, Manchester, with Laura Trott taking victory in three of the five women’s events. The two-time Olympic Champion began the day with a win in the UCI Points race, the took the Australian Pursuit, before bringing the house down on the capacity crowd with a virtuoso performance in her speciality event, the Elimination.

“It’s gone really well,” Trott smiled. “I’m really happy with how I’ve performed. After [the World Cup in] Mexico we didn’t know how we were going to react to the altitude, so we took a few days on the road, away from the track. Now we’re back on the track and I’ve been feeling really good.

“I’ve had a bit of a shaky start to the day, I didn’t feel that great in the Points Race, but I feel like I’m slowly coming round as the evening’s gone on.

“I really enjoyed the Elimination,” Trott added. “It’s an event that I really enjoy, and it happened to work at the end, so I was really pleased. This is where we train day in, day out, and normally it’s quiet and freezing cold, so it’s nice to come here with a massive crowd and it’s actually really warm!”

Racing alongside Trott in the black and orange colours of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling were fellow World Champions Elinor Barker and Joanna Rowsell, and recent World Cup winner Amy Roberts, while teammate Giorgia Bronzini raced the event in the blue of the Italian National Team.

Barker and Bronzini took second and third places respectively in the UCI Points Race, to complete a Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling podium. This was again repeated in the Australian Pursuit, where eight riders set off from separate stations on the track at the same time, where World Individual Pursuit Champion Rowsell (pictured) finished second to Trott, with Bronzini third once more.

In between these two races was the “Longest Lap,” a race introduced to the Revolution Series in the previous event in London, which saw the women included for the first time largely thanks to a suggestion on Twitter from Barker. The race saw the riders roll around half a lap, unable to cross the start/finish line until a whistle blew, which required them to track stand for quite some time! It was won by Team USN’s Ellie Coster, ahead of Italy’s Annalisa Cucinotta and Pearl Izumi’s Katie Curtis – who managed to hold off the men’s field that started half a lap behind – which saw Trott beaten in a Revolution for the first time in 19 races.

“I can’t do a track stand!” Trott laughed. I did a track stand for as long as I ever have done so there’s a positive in all that!”

“I wasn’t campaigning for it or anything,” Barker explained. “I just said I thought it would be fun. Thankfully, a lot of other people thought it would be as well, so they decided to put it in, and I thought it was a lot of fun!

“I think it was good to have a completely different race, and have completely different riders up there,” Barker added. “It mixes things up a bit, and it shows that – while it’s not exactly an Olympic event – it’s still quite a hard event to do, and it made it quite interesting.”

The evening competition began as the afternoon had done with Trott dominating the Elimination race. The Olympic Champion was faced with the French duo of Laurie Berthon and Soline Lamboley in the final three, but – as a specialist at the event – took the victory in front of a roaring home crowd.

The final women’s event of the night was the UCI Scratch Race, which went largely to plan early on for Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling – although Roberts found herself taken out by a crash – as Trott and Barker were part of a five-rider group that managed to take a lap on the rest of the field. A series of powerful moves in the closing stages looked good enough for Barker to hold off the rest, but a powerful surge from Italy’s Annalisa Cucinotta saw her take it from Berthon, with Trott taking third.

“I had a good time. It was good racing,” Barker said. “Looking at the standard of the riders that got the lap I was never going to win the sprint, so with about four and a half laps to go I decided to make an attack. I had a few nice carrots up the road to try and chase, but as soon as I went they sat up and  suddenly it seemed like such a long way to go!

“I got caught back back and then went again in the sprint,” she added. “But I didn’t really have the legs, and there’s nothing more to it really!”

Result UCI Points Race
1. Laura Trott (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
2. Elinor Barker (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
3. Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)

Result Australian Pursuit
1. Laura Trott (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
2. Joanna Rowsell (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
3. Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)

Result Elimination
1. Laura Trott (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
2. Laurie Berthon (France)
3. Soline Lamboley (France)

Result UCI Scratch Race
1. Annalisa Cucinotta (Italy)
2. Laurie Berthon (France)
3. Laura Trott (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)

Photo Credit: Luke Webber

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Peta Mullens outsprints Australia’s best to win Melbourne Kermesse Championships

Ben Atkins : November 17, 2014 6:16 am : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Peta Mullens once again proved that she is one of the fastest sprinters in Australia, as she took a closely fought Melbourne Kermesse Championships, on the roads of the Victorian capital’s Caribbean Park on Sunday. Despite having won a mountainbike gravity race in the morning, the 26-year-old from nearby Bendigo managed to just edge out Kimberley Wells (Roxsolt) in a close photo-finish. Rebecca Wiasak (Jayco-AIS), who will soon be riding in the black and orange jersey of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling, finished in third place, just behind the winning sprint.

“Lucky the race start was delayed due to a crash in an earlier grade because I was commuting from a morning MTB race and arrived after the advertised start time!” Mullens laughed after the race. “Bec was showing strong form early on taking out the first two primes despite suffering jetlag after returning from the track World Cup in Mexico last week.

Despite numerous attacks on the rolling course, including a late solo move from Taryn Heather (Roxsolt), nobody was able to make anything stick. With many of Australia’s fastest in the line up, a final sprint was almost inevitable, but a late move from Wiasak threatened to deny them at the last.

As they hit the line, Mullens just managed to throw her front wheel ahead of Wells’ to take the victory by little more than the width of her Campagnolo Bora rim.

“I tested the legs a few times and tried to initiate a breakaway but there was always a team out of the mix to bring it back,” explained Mullens, who was the only rider in the colours of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling in the race. “We were quite outnumbered.

“I felt better as the race went on but still wanted to back Bec in the sprint,” Mullens explained. “The planned changed in the final kilometre though, when she saw an opportunity and went for it. The move was covered but I was wide awake and jumped on the chase to get a free ride into the finish. When Bec pulled off I took a deep breath then timed my sprint and throw to perfection it seems.”

“Bec will be a great asset for the summer team,” Mullens added. “The only asset more valuable than her talent is her personality!”

1. Peta Mullens (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)
2. Kimberley Wells (Roxsolt)
3. Rebecca Wiasak (Jayco-AIS)

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Giorgia Bronzini takes Scratch Race victory in International Belgian Open

Ben Atkins : November 16, 2014 11:16 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Giorgia Bronzini made a triumphant return to top level track racing last night, as she took victory in the Scratch Race at the International Belgian Open, at the Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx, in Gent, Belgium. Racing in the all-blue colours of Italy, the 30-year-old – who took one of her three World titles on the track in 2009 – beat France’s Soline Lamboley and Belgium’s World Champion Kelly Druyts to the line at the end of the 10km race.

“I said to myself that I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait,” Bronzini explained. “Then I waited until the last sprint and I managed to take it.

“I only did one attack, in the middle of the race, just to warm up my legs a little bit,” she added.

Earlier in the evening Bronzini had taken third place in the 20km Points Race. Victory in the opening sprint gave the former World Champion an early lead, but Druyts gradually edged ahead over the 80 lap contest. Heading into the finish, Druyts led with 17 points, with Bronzini tied for second, on 15, with France’s Elize Delzenne.

Having taken three of the previous seven sprints, Delzenne duly won the eighth and final one, with Druyts taking second; both finished with a total of 20 points, with the Frenchwoman’s final sprint giving her the victory. Bronzini missed out on the final points, but her 15 points was more than enough to hold off Lamboley and take the bronze medal.

“It was nice, but right now I’m in a hard section of training on the track,” Bronzini explained. “In the last two weeks I was in the track three times before this race, so it was really hard for me to manage the Points Race. There were a lot of couples from the same teams – some French, some Belgian – so I was alone, and it was a little bit hard to control the race.

“When you’re alone against some teams then it can be hard, so I tried to manage it.”

The Belgian Open was the first of a series of major track events for Bronzini, who will also be appearing at the Revolution, in Manchester, next Saturday, alongside Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling teammates Elinor Barker, Amy Roberts, Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott.

“The big goal will be the Worlds in France, in February, so I will do my big block of training before then,” Bronzini said. “Also, next week will be hard, because the level will be high. I will have a lot of teammates there, so it will be good to show something of Wiggle Honda!”

Result Scratch Race
1. Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)
2. Soline Lamboley (France)
3. Kelly Druyts (Belgium)

Result Points Race
1. Elise Delzenne (France)
2. Kelly Druyts (Belgium)
3. Giorgia Bronzini (Italy)

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Gold for Barker, Roberts and Trott in Mexico Track World Cup

Ben Atkins : November 10, 2014 7:07 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Elinor Barker, Amy Roberts and Laura Trott took gold for Great Britain – along with Ciara Horne – in last night’s Team Pursuit competition at the first World Cup competition of the 2014/15 season, in Guadalajara, Mexico, this weekend. The British quartet competed the 4000 metre distance in a time of four minutes, 21.256 seconds, to beat the Canadian team of Allison Beveridge, Jasmin Glaesser, Kirsti Lay and Stephanie Roorda by almost five seconds.

“We’ve got a completely different team here to what we normally ride, but it went really well” Trott said afterwards, referring to the absence of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling teammates and fellow Olympic Champions Dani King and Joanna Rowsell. “It’s good to see that, whatever line up we put in, we can perform well. We can come out onto a World stage and… and win, I guess!

“It’s been really great!”

Barker and Trott are Team Pursuit World Champions – with Barker also a World Record holder in the event – but this was a first-ever World Cup victory for 19-year-old Roberts.

“I’m over the moon to have won a World Cup Gold Medal,” Roberts said. “For me it was a privilege to ride with such a great team and I hugely enjoyed the experience.”

With Katie Archibald in – in place of Roberts – for qualification, the British team posted by far the fastest time of four minutes, 20.066 seconds. The changed World Cup format then meant that they would face fourth-best team China in a “First Round” match to decide who would go on to ride for the Gold Medal.

Roberts stepped up to replace Archibald, who was riding the Omnium competition, and the quartet finished in a time of four minutes 20.166 seconds; just a tenth of a second slower than the qualification performance but, more importantly, almost five seconds quicker than the improved Chinese team, which took almost three seconds out of its own time.

The Canadians too had improved on their qualification time, to beat faster qualifier New Zealand in their first round match, meaning that it would be a Great Britain vs Canada match for the Gold Medal. Where Barker, Roberts, Trott and Horne slowed by just a fraction over a second in the final race, however, the Canadians were apparently paying for their own First Round performance.

The young Australian team that included recent Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling recruit Rebecca Wiasak – as well as 2015 signing Nettie Edmondson – finished the competition in fifth place. The improving Italian team, with Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Beatrice Bartelloni helping to qualify fifth fastest, finished in seventh place. Unfortunately, the Germany team that included Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Charlotte Becker was unable to ride the final round, as the whole team was struck with food poisoning, and finished eighth.

1. Great Britain (Elinor Barker, Amy Roberts and Laura Trott and Ciara Horne)
2. Canada (Allison Beveridge, Jasmin Glaesser, Kirsti Lay and Stephanie Roorda)
3. China (Huang Dong Yan, Jing Yali, Wenwen Jiang and Zhao Baofang)

Photo Credit: Guy Swarbrick


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Giorgia Bronzini heading for a third season of success with Wiggle Honda

Ben Atkins : November 10, 2014 5:55 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is delighted to confirm that Giorgia Bronzini has renewed her contract, and will continue to ride for the black and orange team in 2015. The 30-year-old Italian former World Champion has been the team’s number one road rider since its inception in 2013, and will continue to be so next year.

“Giorgia Bronzini, she’s simply amazing, loved by all,” said Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Managing Director Rochelle Gilmore. “An amazing athlete and an amazing person. Giorgia is a hard, smart worker with a perfect life balance and perspective. Giorgia will achieve more than ever before in 2015, I hear it in her voice, she is as motivated as ever.

“Everyone who works with Giorgia appreciates her personality, she’s always thinking of others and is an absolute dream to work with,” Gilmore added. “I’m blessed to have the honour to work with Giorgia Bronzini in the pre-Olympic year. I’m confident that our staff can prepare her well – to maximise her chances of the ultimate result in Rio, 2016.”

As a three time World Champion – having won twice on the road, and once in the Points Race on the track – Bronzini was once again the most successful Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling rider, taking thirteen victories in all, as well as several important podium places. Her 2014 season began with winning three of the four stages and the general classification of the Mitchelton Bay Classic in January, and ended with third place on the hilltop finish of the Giro dell’Emilia in October.

Victories in the year included her sixth stage of the Giro d’Italia, the GP Dottignies and the Prudential RideLondon Grand Prix. While a second World Cup victory just eluded the 31-year-old Italian, she took third place in the Tour of Chongming Island, and second in the Sparkassen Giro.

Proving that there is far more to her game than simply one of the most devastating finishing sprints in the peloton, many of Bronzini’s biggest results in 2014 came as she outpaced small groups at the end of hilly courses. She also came agonisingly close to a third road rainbow jersey, finishing fourth in the World Championship race in Ponferrada, Spain.

Despite being the team’s biggest star on the road, however, Giorgia is more than happy to lend her considerable strength to her teammates where needed.

“I’m really happy and excited to ride another season with Wiggle Honda!” she exclaimed. “Next year will have a very strong team with some very powerful riders joining, and a lot of strong girls staying from this year.

“I know that my victories come only after hard work from my teammates, and so I would like to give to everyone a chance to win,” she added. “All for one …one for all!”

Giorgia Bronzini is the fourteenth athlete to be confirmed in the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling line up for 2015. Also returning from the 2014 squad are Anna Sanchis, Amy Roberts, Dani King, Emilia Fahlin and Japanese Champion Mayuko Hagiwara.

So far the team has made eight new signings who include two-time Giro d’Italia winner Mara Abbott, Belgian Champion Jolien D’hoore, Great Britain Criterium Champion Eileen Roe, Manx talent Anna Christian, Breton Champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot, Italian Time Trial Champion Elisa Longo Borghini, and Australians Chloe Hosking and Commonwealth Games Champion Nettie Edmondson.


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Mayuko Hagiwara renews her contract with Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling

Ben Atkins : November 7, 2014 10:23 am : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is extremely happy to confirm that Mayuko Hagiwara has renewed her contract with the team and will spend a third year racing in the black and orange jersey. The 28-year-old from Maebashi, in the centre of Japan’s main Honshu Island, is a ten-time National Champion, having taken four Hinomaru jerseys in the road race and six in the time trial, including both in 2014.

“I am really excited for my contract with Wiggle Honda in 2015,” Hagiwara said. “Also I’m really looking forward to working with so many strong teammates.

“I think the team could be able to get wins in the World Cup, the Giro Rosa, and some big races in the calendar. I would like to work hard for the team’s success in the 2015 season. It will be exciting year for our team!”

Hagiwara enjoyed her best European season to date this year, which also saw her take back both her Japanese road and time trial titles in June. She really came of age as a climber in races like the Giro d’Italia, where she took third place on the tough uphill finish at San Donato Val di Comino, and finished the race in 19th place overall.

Other results for Mayuko in 2014 saw her take the Best Asian Rider’s jersey at the Tour of Zhoushan Island, in China, in May, having also supported the victory of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling teammate Lotte Becker. Mayuko’s final lap attack in the Sparkassen Giro almost managed to hold off the sprinters, despite the flat nature of the course, and also forced the other teams to put in a hard chase to the benefit of her teammates once again.

A bad crash in the Open de Suède Vårgåda World Cup race threatened to end Mayuko’s season prematurely with a bad knee injury, but she returned to fitness quickly enough to represent Japan in both the time trial and road race at the World Championships in Ponferrada, Spain, less than a month later.

“Mayuko is a great example of how much talent actually exists in potential athletes who may never be given the opportunity to demonstrate it,” said Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Managing Director Rochelle Gilmore. “Mayuko was given the opportunity to join Wiggle Honda, base herself in Europe and race alongside World and Olympic Champions. It only took Mayuko one and a half years to prove she has the ability to be one of the best cyclists in the World, when she finished third in a stage of the women’s Giro d’Italia in July this year.

“Our athletes are now asking for Mayuko to be a part of our important teams at the important races as Mayuko has the ability to influence our team’s results and be a threatening athlete in a break-away situation.

“When Mayuko first came to our team at the start of 2013 she did not speak a lot of English and she didn’t really understand professional cycling,” Gilmore added. “However, our staff recognised her talent and have been extremely pleased with her rapid development.

“Only those who know Mayuko quite well can comprehend her ability, our staff and athletes believe in Mayuko’s capabilities and expect that she will continue to surprise the cycling world in 2015!”

Mayuko Hagiwara’s contract renewal brings the number of confirmed athletes for Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s 2015 squad to thirteen. The Japanese champion will rejoin returning members Anna Sanchis, Amy Roberts, Dani King and Emilia Fahlin, alongside eight new signings. These will be two-time Giro d’Italia winner Mara Abbott, Belgian Champion Jolien D’hoore, Great Britain Criterium Champion Eileen Roe, Manx talent Anna Christian, Breton Champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot, Italian Time Trial Champion Elisa Longo Borghini, and Australians Chloe Hosking and Commonwealth Games Champion Nettie Edmondson.

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Rochelle Gilmore To Ride 1100km With The Amy Gillett Foundation

Ben Atkins : November 7, 2014 7:29 am : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Managing Director Rochelle Gilmore will be lining up at the Amy Gillett Foundation’s Share the Road Tour in Brisbane, Queensland, on Sunday, the 9th of November. The 2014 edition of the seven-day ride is being held in Queensland in order to capitalise on the recent introduction of the two year legislative trial relating to minimum passing distances for motorists over cyclists, thanks to the Foundation’s “a metre matters” campaign.

“Amy was a good friend,” Gilmore said. “I often shared a room with Amy on tour in Europe and I was in Germany when she tragically lost her life – when a motorist drove into her whilst she was cycling. It still brings a tear to my eye and a sick, devastating feeling. However, we will all be focussed on our ambitions next week when we ride 1100km from Brisbane to Airlie Beach in order to promote the metre matters campaign, and make motorists more aware of cyclists. We hope to save lives through active education and awareness.

“The event will be a highlight of my year. It’s an extremely relaxed, professional and fun tour with wonderful and interesting people to share the week with.”

Although she hasn’t raced competitively since the Tour of Chongming Island in May, Gilmore will be aiming to complete the full “rouleurs” distance, which averages more than 150km per day, including one stage of 200km, between Rockhampton and Mackay on the penultimate day.

“My goal will be to pedal every stroke of the distance,” she confirmed. “I’ve never been so unfit however I’m thriving on the challenge of finishing rather than winning, it’s a new game…. One I’m going to enjoy!”

The aim of this “Share the Road Tour” is to raise money for the Amy Gillett Foundation so Gilmore herself will be donating a limited edition Colnago bike (as ridden to victory by Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Giorgia Bronzini this season) for auction.

“I will be donating my Ferrari V1-R after the Tour,” Gilmore announced.

“I can’t wait to be back on the road with the AGF family….I’m going to love this challenge. So Excited!”

The Tour will cover a total of 1100km in its journey north to Airlie Beach, arriving in the Whitsunday beach resort on Saturday, the 15th of November. In its five editions to date Amy’s Share the Road Tour has raised more than a million dollars, as well as providing an opportunity for the Foundation to communicate its key cycling safety messages.

Amy Gillett represented Australia in both rowing and cycling, but was tragically killed when a teenage driver lost control of her car and crashed into the Australian team when it was training on the eve of the Thüringen Rundfahrt race, in Germany, in July 2005. The Amy Gillett Foundation was set up in her memory to campaign for and promote cycling safety in Australia.


Through its work, the Amy Gillett Foundation also supports young Australian women through its Cycling Scholarship, whose recipients include Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Jess Mundy who was awarded the scholarship in 2013.

More information on the Amy Gillett Foundation can be found on its website, while details of the Share the Road Tour – and how to sponsor the riders – can be found on


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Rebecca Wiasak Joins Wiggle Honda For The Remainder Of 2014

Ben Atkins : November 5, 2014 6:56 am : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is delighted to announce that Rebecca Wiasak has signed with the black and orange squad for the remainder of 2014. The 30-year-old from the Australian cycling hotbed of Geelong, Victoria, will lend her considerable strength to the team in the Stan Siejka Launceston Cycling Classic, in Launceston, Tasmania, in early December.

“I’m extremely excited about watching Rebecca race with Wiggle Honda,” said Managing Director Rochelle Gilmore. “I’ve stood and watched Bec from a distance, analysing her persona and professionalism, and after last summer in Australia I decided that I’d love her to represent our team and partners.

“Gary Sutton looks after Bec on the track and highly recommends her as a huge asset to any team environment, and potentially a world class time trial/GC athlete,” Gilmore added.

With much of her career focus on the track, Wiasak’s latest success saw her win the overall Individual Pursuit competition of the 2013/14 World Cup, having taken second in the first event in Manchester, and winning the second in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She was also a part of the Australian squad that took second in the Team Pursuit World Cup competition.

She is currently in Mexico once again, in Guadalajara, preparing for the first event of the 2014/15 Track World Cup, but can’t wait to join her new team on the road.

“I was very honoured and humbled when Rochelle asked me to be part of Wiggle Honda,” said Wiasak. “It has been a dream to sign a professional contract but I had never pursued that path because of my focus on the track the past two years.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity and I feel privileged to be involved with such a professional and successful team,” she added. “I admire what Rochelle has achieved with the Wiggle Honda team and secretly dreamt of being in her team since I started cycling, back when it was the Australian-based Honda Dream Team. I can’t wait to wear the black and orange.”

Success on the track, and on the road domestically, has seen Wiasak spend much of the last two seasons riding with the Australian national team in Europe. Her pursuiting strength saw Rebecca take victory in the prologue of the Gracia-Orlova stage race in the Czech Republic in May, and she hopes to be able to apply this strength in the colours of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling.

“I hope to be an asset to an already strong team of experienced and talented riders,” she said. “I’m a fierce competitor and want nothing more than to see our jersey on the top step. I know that Wiggle Honda is the perfect environment for me to both learn and develop as a rider. I hope to complement the strengths of the other riders, to the overall success of our team, and to take my own opportunities when possible. In addition, I want to enjoy the experience and represent the team to the best of my abilities.”


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Amy Roberts and Anna Sanchis both renew with Wiggle Honda for 2015

Ben Atkins : November 3, 2014 5:54 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is delighted to announce that Amy Roberts and Anna Sanchis have both renewed their contracts and will ride in the black and orange jersey next year. Both riders have contributed strongly to the team’s considerable success in 2014 and both will continue to make those contributions in 2015, as well as develop their own careers and aim for results themselves.

19-year-old Roberts is the youngest member of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s 2014 line up and, having been with the team since its inception in 2013, returns for a third year. Like many British riders, her season was centred on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, but this did not prevent the multi-talented rider from Carmarthenshire, in south west Wales, from enjoying considerable domestic success, as well as working hard for her teammates in several European races.

“Amy Roberts is a lovely person to have on the team, she’s always smiling and very polite however most importantly, she understands cycling,” said Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling Managing Director Rochelle Gilmore. “Amy can read a race on behalf of her team mates and she’s someone we can rely on to set the race up for a win.

“Amy is still young but she has a huge future because of her overall attitude towards professional cycling,” Gilmore added. “It’s a pleasure to work with Amy.”

Amy is a former European Track Champion, and in 2014 her results included a victory in the Redditch round of the Matrix Fitness GP and a Silver Medal in the Great Britain Criterium Championship, behind new teammate Eileen Roe. She also performed strongly on both the track and road at Glasgow 2014.

“I have had a great past two years with Wiggle Honda and am very happy to be staying for the year of 2015,” she said. “For myself I have been able to learn so much through the years and gain great experience from some of the top riders in the world. It’s been a great help and I look forward to working with everyone again next year and I’m also looking forward to meeting the new signings we have to the team.

“We have a great team atmosphere and hopefully we can carry that through to next year,” Roberts added. “I hope to do some more racing on the road and I’m excited for that, with it being my third year I hope to cope with the races better and do as much as I can to help the team’s performances; and we’ll also try to start working towards getting some results for myself.”

As a former four-time Spanish Champion, with two titles each in both the road race and time trial, much was expected of Anna Sanchis in 2014. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old was unable to build on a solid spring campaign as she contracted a virus, which prevented her from performing at her best in the summer.

“Spain is a very important country for our sponsors and Anna Sanchis represents our partners very well,” said Gilmore. “Anna has had a rough year with illness, however she remained confident in our team and we remained confident in her. Anna started the season strongly and also finished the season in top form at the World Championships in Spain.

“I look forward to supporting Anna’s 2015 season and sincerely hope she has a smooth run into her major targets.”

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling is confident that a now healthy Sanchis will be able to return to the form she has enjoyed in previous seasons, and be a vital part of the black and orange team in 2015.

“In 2014 I started the season very excited to be part of one of the best teams in the world, but I suffered from a very bad virus and I couldn’t be on my best performance during the year,” Sanchis explained. However, Rochelle has put her trust in me for 2015 and I’m very glad for this. I hope to get great results in the races for Wiggle Honda.”

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling has now confirmed twelve of its line up for next year so far. Returning members Anna Sanchis, Amy Roberts, Dani King and Emilia Fahlin will be joined in 2015 by two-time Giro d’Italia winner Mara Abbott, Belgian Champion Jolien D’hoore, Great Britain Criterium Champion Eileen Roe, Manx talent Anna Christian, Breton Champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot, Italian Time Trial Champion Elisa Longo Borghini, and Australians Chloe Hosking and Commonwealth Games Champion Nettie Edmondson.

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Mullens takes another Noosa Open Criterium podium with a battling third place

Ben Atkins : November 1, 2014 11:15 pm : News

Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling’s Peta Mullens took a battling third place in the Subaru Noosa Open Criterium in Noosa, Queensland, to maintain her personal podium consistency in the race. The 26-year-old Victorian – who won the 2010 edition, and took second place last year in her debut in the black and orange jersey – was just beaten to the line in the race for second place by Sarah Roy (Roxsolt), after 2013 winner Kimberley Wells (Specialized-Securitor) had escaped to victory on the penultimate lap.

“We knew we were going into the race outnumbered, we had three versus teams of six but it certainly didn’t discourage the girls,” Mullens said afterwards. “We love racing in Noosa and we love the atmosphere, it just lifts you to another level that you didn’t know you had off the back of an off season.”

With just New Zealand Criterium Champion Emily Collins and South Australian Jess Mundy riding in support of Mullens, Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling nevertheless managed to be part of most of the major moves throughout the 30 minutes plus three laps race. Unfortunately, however, Wells’ attack – which was identical to the one that had seen her and Mullens escaped last year – was too strong to follow this time.

“Em was amazing considering she’s only been back on the bike a few days after five weeks off, and although Jess is new to the team she’s a savvy and strong rider and didn’t miss a move all day,” said Mullens.

“In the end ‘Kimbers’ replayed our tactics from last year and hit out on the second to last lap; she was just too strong to follow. “Jess pulled for the final lap and got close but we were left sprinting for minor positions.”

Despite just missing out on the sprint for second, Mullens retains something of a personal record at the race, which is part of a weekend-long multisport festival in the Queensland coastal town.

“I have two statistics that still remain,” Mullens laughed. “I’ve never won with the number 1 plate [she wore it in today’s race] and I’ve never finished off the podium in Noosa. We’ll be back next year to keep that theme going!”

1. Kimberley Wells (Specialized-Securitor)
2. Sarah Roy (Roxsolt)
3. Peta Mullens (Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling)

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